Charts of Reformation/Enlightenment Church History

John D. Hannah


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Major Schisms in the First Sixteen Centuries Development of Church Government Orthodoxy and Unitarianism Compared Education in Puritan England Christianity and the American Revolution Origins of Presbyterians, Baptists, Methodists, and Lutherans These are just a sample of the charts in this book, designed to provide a visual survey of a key part of our Christian heritage. Charts of Reformation and Enlightenment Church History covers the major events, movements, and people from the sixteenth century to the beginning of the nineteenth century. It includes charts of ideas and trends as well as pertinent diagrams. The book is divided into three primary sections: Early Modern Europe and the Reformation (1500 to 1650) The Rise of Religious Rationalism and the Enlightenment (1650 to 1750) The Period of British Settlement in North America: The Colonial Period of American Religious History (1600 to 1800) Within these sections, ninety charts are arranged under seventeen headings: 1. The Background of the Reformation 2. The Lutheran Reformation 3. The Calvinist Reformation 4. The Anabaptist Reformation 5. The English Reformation 6. The Roman Catholic Reformation 7. The Rise of Religious Rationalism 8. The Enlightenment 9. The Reaction against Creedalism and Rationalism: Pietism 10. Backgrounds of American Religious History 11. Congregationalists 12. Baptists 13. Presbyterians 14. Methodists 15. Other Groups 16. The Great Awakening 17. Religion and the American Revolution
  • 128 pages
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  • 2015
  • 9780310526391