Christ Humbled yet Exalted

John Flavel

Reformation Heritage Books

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John Flavel shows Christ as our fountain of true joy: secured for his people by his humiliation and his exaltation. By humiliation, Flavel means the incarnation - Christ’s birth, ministry, and death - by exaltation he means the four stages of resurrection, ascension, intercession, and His return in judgment.

Flavel shows this twofold act (humiliation and exaltation) is the foundation of our joy because through them Christ has removed our debt and secured our inheritance. “The believer knows,” says Flavel, “that however sweet his communion with Christ is in this world, yet that communion he will have with Christ in heaven will far excel it.”


Table of Contents:

  1. Christ’s Humiliation
  2. A Humble Life
  3. A Prayer of Commendation
  4. A Commemorative Sign
  5. Christ’s Agony
  6. The Nature of Christ’s Death
  7. A Lonely Death
  8. A Lowly Death
  9. A Prayer for Forgiveness
  10. A Promise of Salvation
  11. A Cry of Forsakenness
  12. A Cry of Anguish
  13. The Completion of Christ’s Work
  14. Christ’s Burial
  15. The Blessed Ends of Christ’s Humiliation
  16. Christ’s Exaltation
  17. Christ’s Resurrection
  18. Christ’s Ascension
  19. Christ’s Present Session
  20. Christ’s Triumphant Return


  • Paperback
  • 208 pages
  • 2021
  • ISBN 9781601788511