Christ In Song

Philip Schaff

Solid Ground Christian Books

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Philip Schaff is best known for his massive "History of the Christian Church". In 1869 Schaff took his love for Christ and the Church and turned his efforts to a compilation of the great hymns of the Church down through the ages. His focus was upon one thing: JESUS CHRIST. Hear his words from the Preface, "Christ is the centre of sacred art as well as of theology and religion... From Him music has drawn its highest inspiration, and Handel transcended himself when he made 'Messiah' his theme. The sweetest lyrics of Zion in all ages celebrate the events of His life and the boundless wealth of mercy and peace that is treasured up in His person and work for every believer. The hymns of JESUS are the Holy of holies in the temple of sacred poetry." Schaff concludes his Preface with these words: "May He, whose holy name shines on every page, own and bless this labor of love to His own glory and praise, and to the joy and comfort of His people; animating their songs in the house of their pilgrimmage, until they adore Him face to face in the chorus of Redemption everlasting."
  • Paperback
  • 577 pages
  • 2004
  • 9781932474343