Christ On The Cross and Lord Our Shepherd

John Stevenson

Solid Ground Christian Books

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This is a double volume work by a gifted preacher from the mid-nineteenth century. Of Volume One, CHRIST ON THE CROSS, Spurgeon said, "The best of Dr. Stevenson's books. Exceedingly precious in its unveiling of the Redeemer's sorrows. We have derived personal spiritual benefit from the perusal of this gracious exposition." Of Volume Two, THE LORD OUR SHEPHERD, modern author Peter Jeffery has said, "If there is a problem with these words of David it is that Psalm 23 is so short that we are tempted not to spend much time studying it, and it is so well known that we assume there is nothing more to learn from it. In my own experience coming across a book on Psalm 23 by John Stevenson published in 1845 shook me out of this complacency. The richness of this exposition thrilled my soul and opened my eyes to see and appreciate these familiar words in a new way. I am delighted that Stevenson's book is coming back in print so that others enjoy his exposition."

  • Type: Paperback
  • ISBN: 9781932474206
  • Published: 2003