Christian Father At Home

Old Paths

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The vocation of "Father" is to be employed with the full certainty that God will bless the fruit of his labors as he seeks to interfere for good in the spiritual development of his children. Published in 1837, W. C. Brownlee, from the Collegiate Protestant Reformed Dutch Church of New York, demonstrates with the clearest of instruction, how The Necessity of Salvation, and The Way of Salvation are to be nurtured and applied in the life of one's Covenant children. Written in both a simple and interactive discussion, between father and child, this book is an excellent and timeless guide for youthful instruction. From cover to cover, no doctrine is compromised, no sin is watered down, Christ's atonement is not minimized, and sanctified gospel living is not neglected. The Lord will surely bless the rightful use of this book to His dear little ones.

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