Daily Readings - The Early Church Fathers

Nick Needham

Christian Focus Publications

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The early church fathers have always had a special place in Christian theology. As the first interpreters of the gospel, readers today often find in their words a sense of the gospel's sheer freshness and reality. More than this, they were the thinkers who first hammered out the full meaning of what Scripture says about the Trinity and the person of Christ. Their sayings, presented here by Nick Needham, are more than just relevant--they present the opportunity to kindle something within each reader of that same healthy and godly spirit. Each month is devoted to a specific Early Church Father: January--St. John Chrysostom February--St. Irenaeus of Lyons March--St. Gregory the Theologian April--St. Cyprian of Carthage May --St. Basil of Caesarea June--St. Jerome July--St. Gregory of Nyssa August--St. Augustine of Hippo September--St. Cyril of Jerusalem October--St. Ambrose of Milan November--St. Cyril of Alexandria December--St. Athanasius the Great