Danger and Dedication: Risk Takers

Linda Finlayson

Christian Focus Publications

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Adventures of famous believers William Tyndale sets about translating the Bible into English. He works in secret and is in constant danger of being imprisoned by agents of the king and church. Adoniram Judson risks his life so that Burmese people can hear the Gospel. He is cruelly treated and faces imprisonment. Jonathan Goforth survives an attack by an angry group of rebel Chinese men, but continues to travel and preach to the people of China. Bruce F. Hunt faces imprisonment for refusing to worship the emperor, but God gives him a song to encourage him. Moses meets God at a burning bush and confronts Pharaoh about setting his people free. Paul is thrown into prison for sharing his faith, but he goes on to build the early church. These men were all willing to take risks. They faced danger and difficulties. Some even died for what they believed in. While reading their exciting stories you will learn about why they did what they did and who it was who helped them. With extra devotional features and life summaries, this illustrated book will help young readers to discover the excitement of a Christian life as well as the cost.
  • Paperback
  • 128 pages
  • 2010
  • 9781845505875