Daniel: Geneva Series Commentary (Calvin)

John Calvin

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In his Introduction Dr. Wilbur Smith writes: In a day like this in which we are living, when the governments of the world are breaking up, in a day when a vast part of the earth is controlled by a merciless dictatorship, when multitudes of Christians have already known persecution, and many more will before this age ends, there is hardly any book in the Old Testament we could read with more profit than the book of Daniel and scarcely a commentary on any portion of the Old Testament quite so profitable as Calvin's two volumes on Daniel. I suppose nothing on the prayer of Daniel, occupying most of the ninth chapter of his prophecy, has ever been written so rich and deep and comprehensive as the 17,000 words which Calvin devotes to the sixteen verses of this marvellous outpouring of the heart of the ancient prophet.' This volume has been reprinted from the Calvin Translation Society two volume edition of 1852-53, edited by Thomas Myers.
  • Hardcover
  • 808 pages
  • 1965
  • 9780851510927

Daniel by John Calvin