Depravity of Man, the Decrees of God, and God's Sovereign Regeneration

Bennet Tyler

International Outreach

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The Depravity of Man, the Decrees of God, and God’s Sovereign Regeneration by Bennet Tyler. Good friend and biographer of Asahel Nettleton, Tyler was the president of the Theological Institute of Connecticut for 24 years. He also taught Christian Theology at the seminary and this book is a theological masterpiece. Sermons begin with the original character of man, and proceed to the fall and its consequences, and the native depravity of man. Tyler addresses the decrees of God in several chapters. “The doctrine of decrees has been more violently opposed, and more strenuously controverted, than almost any other doctrine of the Calvinist system,” writes Tyler. He then turns his attention to moral agency, including natural and moral inability, and what right and wrong are ultimately predicated upon, whether external actions, volitions, or the affections? He spends over eighty pages and six chapters on the doctrine of regeneration, which is seldom if ever, preached today. The book also includes a memoir of Bennet Tyler by Rev. Nahum Gale

  • Paperback
  • 381 pages
  • 2020
  • 9781892838414