Disease, Scarcity, and Famine: A Reformation Perspective on God and Plagues

Ludwig Lavater

Reformation Heritage Books

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Outbreaks of disease and famine are nothing new, nor is the responsibility of Christian leaders to respond to such societal devastation. Disease, Scarcity, and Famine assembles sermons from Ludwig Lavater, a leading pastor in Zurich during the sixteenth century, that deal with this subject matter. Lavater explains where plagues ultimately come from, gives reasons God chastises the good as well as the bad with them, and instructs readers on how they should conduct themselves during such outbreaks. He also recounts the divine promises in which God offers help to His elect during trying times. Lavater provides a response to disease both grounded in Scripture and satisfying to the soul.
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  • Pages:160
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  • June 2021