Divine Challenge

John Byl

Banner of Truth

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Revealing the failure of Naturalist and Post-Modernist philosophies to explain life as we experience it, Christian mathematician John Byl shows that only a Christian worldview, based on the Bible, can supply us with the necessary foundation for logic, mathematics, science and morality, while giving life coherence, meaning, purpose and hope. Since the beginning of time man has challenged God's supremacy, striving to dethrone God and reinterpret the universe according to his own standards and purposes. In response God, who is determined to destroy the wisdom of the worldly wise and to unmask it for the foolishness that it really is, issues his own challenge to sinful man. Arrogantly, modern scientific man takes up that divine challenge, arming himself with scientific knowledge and technological power. Indeed, man has convinced himself that his rational wisdom has made foolish the wisdom of Scripture, with its tall tales of a personal God, of life after death, and of heaven and hell. Such notions', Einstein declared, are for the fears or absurd egoism of feeble souls.' John Byl argues that the Christian worldview provides the only foundation for logic, mathematics, science and morality. The Divine Challenge aims to substantiate this bold claim. Byl shows the failure of today's predominant philosophies to provide a coherent worldview that can yield a plausible account of the various aspects of life as we experience it. Only a Christian worldview, squarely based on the truth of the Bible and the comprehensive sovereignty of God, can give our lives coherence, meaning, purpose and hope.
  • 336 pages
  • Paperback
  • 2004
  • 9780851518879

The Divine Challenge On Matter, Mind, Math & Meaning