Don't They Make A Lovely Couple

deJohn And Ann Benton

Christian Focus Publications

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Why is it that an institution that forms the basis of society is in crisis? And what can we do to improve things? Here are the 6 questions to ask yourselves if you are preparing for, or are already part of, a marriage. WHAT - The nature of your marriage WHO - The partners in your marriage WHY - The reasons for your marriage HOW - The practicalities of your marriage WHEN - The timing of your marriage WHERE - The purpose of your marriage This book won't make you feel guilty and suggest impossible solutions (we've all read THOSE sort of books before!). It'll make you realise what you can do and suggest a plan to implement it. Is your marriage important? - Show that it is! There are also 2 helpful appendices: Pre-marriage Studies Why not? - Sexual temptation in the workplace