Endure Leader's Guide

Bill Newton

Shepherd Press

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Too many Christian men start enthusiastically, then fall short. Falling short can be a public fall: Church-going husband has an affair. High-profile ministry leader gets caught in a scandal. Outspoken advocate is marred by hypocrisy.

But for most men, falling short isn’t a newsworthy spectacle. It’s subtler. Closer to home. It’s floundering in the faith. Stunted spiritual growth. It’s entering the race God has called them to, then choosing to coast.

This story doesn’t make headlines, but it’s far more common. Will this be your story?

ENDURE is a practical, Scripture-steeped guide to help men finish the race God has set before them. Whether you are young or seasoned, married or solo, spiritually fit or totally anemic, this book was written for you.

Empowered by the Holy Spirit and equipped with fresh insights, you will grow in biblical maturity, be challenged to change, and find strength for the road ahead.

Use the ENDURE Leader’s Guide with others to get the best use of Bill’s book, ENDURE. This guide and answer key has been specially prepared for you by the author to help you as you navigate the chapters in the main book, whether in a small group or one-on-one.


96 pages