Enjoying God: Finding Hope in the Attributes of God

R. C. Sproul

Baker Books

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Discover the magnificence of the character of God

Confused, angry, and hurt after the death of his father, a young R. C. Sproul began his personal search for ultimate truth with these piercing questions: Who are you, God? And why do you do the things you do?

In Enjoying God, you'll journey with R. C. Sproul to discover the nature of God through his marvelous and often surprising attributes. In this warm, personal account, Dr. Sproul communicates deep wisdom of God as he shares his earnest, lifelong passion to know God and the profound hope he ultimately found in the attributes of God. He encourages each one of us to dig deep and seek the God who is alive, who is real, and who is love.

  • Paperback
  • 240 pages
  • 9780801075483
  • September 2017