Equipping for Life: A Guide for New, Aspiring & Struggling Parents

Andreas Kostenberger and Margaret Kostenberger

Christian Focus Publications

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Being a parent is one of the greatest joys, privileges, and responsibilities with which God has entrusted us. Sadly, we live in a culture that in many ways diminishes the role of a parent and the task of parenting. Often the not-so-subtle message is that a career or some other avenue of self- realization is superior to the so-called dull and dreary drudgery of raising children. Margaret and Andreas Kostenberger dig into their experience of raising their own children, inviting you into the vision they cultivated in their family: raising children as a gift from God, to the glory of God. Equipping For Life is split into three sections: Realistic Parenting - waking up to the real world of parenting Relational Parenting - loving your children Responsible Parenting - guiding your children towards responsible adulthood Looking at a range of topics - from feeling overwhelmed to fostering your child's relationship with God, and dealing with conflict to equipping children for life - this book of practical Christian parenting advice is written with warmth and honesty by people who understand the struggles and triumphs of being Christian parents in today's world.

  • Pages: 288
  • Type:  Paperback
  • ISBN:  9781527101401
  • Published: April, 2018