Ethics as Worship: The Pursuit of Moral Discipleship

Evan LenowMark Liederbach

P & R Publishing

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Ethics as Worship examines the biblical, theological, and philosophical foundations and application of Christian ethics, offering an ethical system that emphasizes the worship of God as motivation, method, and goal of the ethical endeavor. It concludes with an exploration of how worship ought to shape a response to particular ethical topics and issues most relevant in our day: from race, justice, and environmental ethics, to sexuality, reproductive technologies, and other important issues related to life and death.

Ethics as Worship is designed as a textbook for classroom use by two expert teachers, formally trained in theological ethics and ethical theory, who have extensively field tested its contents in various classes on multiple campuses for over a decade. In addition to its engaging, highly informative text and its twenty-six figures and sixty-two tables, Ethics as Worship includes these end-of-chapter helps:

  • Key terms and concepts
  • Key Scriptures
  • Study questions
  • For Further Reading

as well as these end-of-book helps:

  • Glossary
  • Bibliography
  • Index of Scripture
  • Index of Subjects and Names
  • Hardcover
  • 792 pages
  • Aug 2021
  • 9781629952628