Ever, only, All for Thee


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In Ever, only, ALL for Thee Pamela Bugden sketches the life and work of Frances Ridley Havergal with expert hand. Born a pastor's daughter in 1836, Frances was a talented student with much opportunity to learn and develop. When the Lord Jesus Christ became Reality to her, she gave herself and her talents to be wholly His until her early death at the age of forty-two. While she lived, Miss Havergal was one of the most well- known and well-loved Christian writers in the English language. Her ministry, in song, pen and person, was widely known and loved, resulting in true growth for Christ s Church. The Lord blessed the fruit of her hands with an amazing insight into spiritual truth, having about it the wonderful fragrance of Christ. Accordingly, her words and songs helped countless believers in her lifetime and still echo through the church today in some of her well-known hymns Take My Life and Let it Be and Like a River Glorious. It is unfortunate that so much of her work remains widely unknown. Thus Pamela Bugden has done us all a favor by highlighting Frances life and work in these brief glimpses. Written by one who has poured over almost her entire life work, this book is a substantial introduction to the remarkable woman C. H. Spurgeon called, the last and loveliest of our modern poets.