Every Word Counts

Tom Barnes

Evangelical Press

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Large numbers of Christians have left behind thoughts of a Bible whose whole and every part is inspired, without error, and the only ultimate authority to bind our conscience and teach us about God and His redemption. Such beliefs were fine when we were young, so it is said, or when the Church was not as informed. However, we now have come to a much more sophisticated understanding. As post-moderns we now know that these pre-modern and modern views are obsolete. We can refer back to them as nice memorabilia, a reminder of what some used to believe. Yet, at best, they are to be kept in the show cases of museums, closets of church buildings and seminary libraries only to be brought out when we reminisce; at worst, such obsolete views of the Bible are thought to be detrimental.
  • Type: Paperback
  • Pages: 203
  • ISBN: 9780852347164
  • Publication Date: 2010