Exalting Christ: Essays in Honor of Fred A. Malone

Mitch AxsomSteve Martin

Founders Press

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Contents and Contributors Part I: Exalting Christ in the Home 1. Exalting Christ by Honoring Him in the Home The Christ-Exalting Father (Joanna Jones) Part II: Exalting Christ in the Pulpit 2. Exalting Christ by Preaching Him from All the Scriptures (Tom Hicks) 3. Exalting Christ by Preaching Him and Him Crucified (Michael McKelvey) 4. Exalting Christ by Preaching the Law and the Gospel (Raymond Perron) 5. Exalting Christ by Exegeting His Word A Case Study from the Bread of Life Discourse in John 6 (Stephen Murphy) 6. Exalting Christ by Serving Him as a Steward of the Mysteries of God Hearing the Voice of the Savior (Jim Renihan) 7. Exalting Christ by Seeing Him as Supreme The Centrality of Christ in the Ministry of Jonathan Edwards (Tom Nettles) 8. Exalting Christ by Seeing Him as the Scope of Scripture (Richard Barcellos) Part III: Exalting Christ in the Church 9. Exalting Christ by Shepherding the Flock (Tom Ascol) 10. Exalting Christ by Preparing His Church for Missionary Service (Allen Beardmore) 11. Exalting Christ by Emphasizing the Great Commission (Jerry Slate, Jr.) 12. Exalting Christ by Teaching His Church to Pray (Walt Chantry) 13. Exalting Christ by Observing the Church's Ordinances (Conrad Mbewe) 14. Exalting Christ by Contending for the Faith (Earl Blackburn) 15. Exalting Christ by Connecting with Church History The Faith of Ezra Courtney, Pioneer Missionary in the South (Joe Nesom) 16. Exalting Christ by Serving the Church as an Elder (Mitch Axsom) 17. Exalting Christ by Remembering That He Is Risen from the Dead (Steve Martin) Ingratitude is one of the great sins of our time and one the Scripture singles out as a serious step down a slippery slope (Romans 1:18-19). When the creature does not give thanks and honor the Creator, reality is turned upside down and personal and cultural destruction are not far behind (Romans 1:18-32). Coupled with sinful ingratitude is a failure to give honor to whom honor is due. We honor God first and foremost and then the gifts He gives to men, especially to His Church. This book seeks to honor God and His gift to the Church, Fred Malone Christian, husband, father, pastor, citizen, theologian, and man of God. May the essays within encourage you to exalt our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.
  • Hardcover
  • 278 pages
  • 2018
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