Family and Social Life of the Puritans

Ezra Byington

The Greater Heritage

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No other section of the Anglo-Saxon race has excelled the Puritans in the number of great men and of good men, — soldiers and statesmen and scholars, that it has produced.

Who were the Puritans? How did they live? What did they believe? These questions and more are vividly answered by Byington in this abridged version of his 1896 masterwork The Puritan in England and New England.

Ezra’s remarkable scholarship takes readers on a grand tour of the daily, family, social and religious life of the American Puritans as he examines the currents of their everyday lives amid the sweeping grand movements of religious thought in Colonial America.

Both approachable for those new to Puritan history yet filled with enough detail and original source material to intrigue Puritan specialists, The Family and Social Life of the Puritans is essential reading for those wanting a greater appreciation of America’s Christian heritage.


131 pages

Feb 2023