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John Todd (1800-1873) was a graduate of Yale College and Andover Theological Seminary. His theology was molded by the works of Jonathan Edwards, and he had the privilege of pastoring Edwards Memorial Church in Northampton, MA. William G. Blaikie said, "In preaching to the young, Dr. Todd has attained the first rank in this department of work. The American mind has such a proclivity to sharp, terse forms of expression, clever analogies and illustrations, keen analysis of feelings, vivid description and warm coloring, that we do not wonder that it should excel in addresses to which such qualities contribute so largely." These lectures are the fruit of a ministry directed with conviction to the consciences of the young. From the opening page of these lectures the reader is addressed in such a personal way that he cannot but hear the words for himself. Not only should these be read by and to children, but every pastor and Sunday School teacher should read it and learn the delicate art of speaking to children. This was a best seller in the middle of the 19th century, but it has been buried for more than 125 years. It is high time Todd was able to speak again for the cause of God and truth.