First Steps Box Set

Mez McConnell

Christian Focus Publications

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The First Steps series is written for people who have just started following Jesus. Using plain, everyday language each book explains something about the Christian life. The books can be worked through on your own, with a friend or mentor, or in a group, and no ‘church’ knowledge is required.

  • God – Is He Out There?
  • War – Why Did Life Just Get Harder?
  • Voices – Who Am I Listening To?
  • Bible – Can We Trust It?
  • Believe – What Should I Know?
  • Character – How Do I Change?
  • Training – How Do I Grow As A Christian?
  • Church – Do I Have To Go?
  • Relationships – How Do I Make Things Right?
  • Service – How Do I Give Back?
  • Box Set 10
  • 2200 pages
  • July 2020
  • 9781527104709