First Things: Lectures in the First Things God Revealed to Mankind

Gardiner Spring

Solid Ground Christian Books

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This is a single volume, containing two separate previously published volumes, that are now very rare. First Things expounds upon the foundational truths upon which all life is built - the opening chapters of the Book of Genesis. In a day in which these chapters are being challenged even in so-called evangelical churches and seminaries, Spring takes us back with absolute assurance that we are reading genuine history. Every page is filled with pure spiritual gold. You cannot read these pages without being strengthened in your faith in Holy Scripture. Gardiner Spring is best known for his famed works: The Power of the Pulpit The Attraction of the Cross The Distinguishing Traits of Christian Character -- and others Chapters of this volume include: 1) God Himself Before All Things 2) God's First Work 3) The First Man 4) Unity of the Human Race 5) The First Woman 6) The First Marriage 7) The First Sabbath 8) The First Revolt in Heaven 9) The First Deceiver 10) The Extent of the Deceiver's Snares 11) Man's First Sin 12) The First Interview Between God and Our First Parents, After Their Apostasy 13) The First Promise

  • Paperback
  • 395 pages
  • 9781932474350