For the Glory of God: Recovering a Biblical Theology of Worship (paperback)

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Current discussions about worship are often driven by pragmatics and personal preferences rather than by the teaching of Scripture. True worship, however, is a response to God's gracious revelation; in order to be acceptable to God, worship must be experienced on God's terms. In this volume, respected Old Testament scholar Daniel Block examines worship in the Bible, offering a comprehensive biblical foundation and illuminating Old Testament worship practices and principles. He develops a theology of worship that is consistent with the teachings of Scripture and is applicable for the church today. He also introduces readers to a wide range of issues related to worship.

For the Glory of God is illustrated with diagrams, charts, and pictures to help the Scriptures come alive for readers and make the concepts discussed understandable. It will benefit professors and students in seminary-level worship and Bible courses, pastors, and church leaders.

1. Toward a Holistic, Biblical Understanding of Worship
2. The Object of Worship
3. The Subject of Worship
4. Daily Life as Worship
5. Family Life and Work as Worship
6. The Ordinances as Worship
7. Hearing and Proclaiming the Scriptures in Worship
8. Prayer as Worship
9. Music as Worship
10. Sacrifice and Offerings as Worship
11. The Drama of Worship
12. The Design and Theology of Sacred Space
13. Leaders in Worship
Appendix A: Doxologies of the New Testament
Appendix B: Hymnic Fragments in the Pauline Epistles
Appendix C: Sunday Worship in Early Christianity
  • Paperback
  • 432 pages
  • 1989
  • 9780801098567