Forgiveness: I Just Can't Forgive Myself (Resources for Changing Lives)

Robert D. Jones


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Sally, a Christian, laments having an abortion years ago. "I know the Lord has forgiven me, but I just can't forgive myself." What would you say to her? Maybe you yourself have struggled with "self-forgiveness" and wonder how to deal with feelings of guilt. Why is self-forgiveness such an attractive notion? What, if anything, does the Bible say about it? Robert D. Jones identifies five possible assumptions behind the longing for self- forgiveness. In the process, he pinpoints a deeper problem and a deeper solution to ongoing guilt. By dispelling a number of misconceptions, Jones clears the path to a joyful realization of complete forgiveness in Christ.

  • Booklet
  • 17 pages
  • 2001
  • 9780875526782