Foundations for Lifelong Learning

John Piper


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Humans are hardwired to learn. We immerse ourselves in stories, observe the intricacies of the world, and seek educational opportunities. But lifelong learning is far more than acquiring information or completing a degree. It is a happy quest informing the habits of our minds and the affections of our hearts. And for the Christian, the goal is richer and deeper joy, to the glory of God and the eternal good of others.

In Foundations for Lifelong Learning, longtime pastor John Piper casts Christian education as the process of growing in our ability to navigate God’s word and world. Piper introduces readers to 6 vital habits—observe accurately, understand clearly, evaluate fairly, feel appropriately, apply wisely, and express compellingly. Ultimately readers will be encouraged to find Christ in and above all things—seriously and joyfully glorifying God, no matter their vocational calling. 


192 pages

Oct. 2023