From Everlasting to Everlasting: Every Believer’s Biography

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A 30–day guide that clearly explains the steps of salvation

This devotional walks readers through the stage–by–stage path of God’s salvation, from eternity past, through life and death, and into eternity future. The book explores rich, substantive theology, making it accessible and clear without dumbing it down, and includes illustrations and applications. The stages of the Ordo Salutis as Will Dobbie frames it are spread across thirty daily devotionals.

Each day’s entry contains:

·       Scripture verses

·       an examination of the particular doctrine at hand

·       illustrations

·       applications

·       a suggested prayer

·       a question to ponder 

Life in our world can include uncertainty, anxiety and tragedy. In this context, the theological richness and profundity of God’s salvation plan offers the believer confidence, comfort, clarity and perspective, to God’s greater glory.





Day 1. Introduction




Act I – Life Plans


Day 2. The God Who Agrees [The Covenant of Redemption]

Day 3. The God Who Knows [Foreknowledge]

Day 4. The God Who Chooses [Election]


Act II – Life Begins


Day 5. The God Who Arranges [Providence]

Day 6. The God Who Creates [Conception and Physical Life]

Day 7. The God Who Proclaims [General Call]

Day 8. The God Who Calls from Within [Inward Call]

Day 9. The God Who Gives Spiritual Life [Regeneration]

Day 10. The God Who Grants Repentance [Repentance]

Day 11. The God Who Grants Faith [Faith]


Act III – Life From The Cross


Day 12. The God Who Died [The Cross & Penal Substitutionary Atonement]

Day 13. The God Who Satisfies His Wrath [Propitiation]

Day 14. The God Who Declares Righteous [Justification]

Day 15. The God Who Sets Free [Redemption]

Day 16. The God Who Adopts [Adoption]

Day 17. The God Who Cleanses [Positional Sanctification]

Day 18. The God Who Rose [Resurrection]


Act IV – The Christian Life


Day 19. The God Who Grows [Progressive Sanctification]

Day 20. The God Who Keeps [Perseverance]

Day 21. The God Who Uses [Ministry]

Day 22. The God Who Refines [Suffering]

Day 23. The God Who Accompanies Through the Valley [Death]


Act V – The Life To Come


Day 24. The God Who Perfects [Perfection]

Day 25. The God Who Receives [Heaven]

Day 26. The God Who Returns [The Believer’s Return with Christ]

Day 27. The God Who Resurrects [The Believer’s Resurrection]

Day 28. The God Who Judges His People [The Believer’s Judgement]

Day 29. The God Who Judges Through His People [The Believer’s Judgement of the World and Angels]

Day 30. The God who Renews [The New Creation]

  • Type: Paperback
  • Pages: 176
  • Publisher: Christian Focus
  • ISBN: 9781527108370
  • Publication Date: May 13, 2022