From M. Div. to Rev.

J. E. Eubanks

Doulos Resources

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"Ed Eubanks has provided a much needed resource for aspiring ministers, one which is thorough, comprehensive and extraordinarily practical. If you are on the verge of graduating from seminary and pursuing a call to the ministry you will find From M.Div. to Rev. invaluable. I highly recommend it!"
Rod Culbertson, Jr., Executive Director & Associate Professor of Practical Theology, Reformed Theological Seminary

"Here is a book full of wisdom and practical advice for new pastors making the most important transition of their ministry - the move from thinking about ministry in seminary to practicing ministry in the parish. Ed Eubanks has poured his great experience and theologically informed insights into this lively look at the crucial first days of ministry. I highly recommend this very helpful book."
Will Willimon, Author and United Methodist Bishop

"I have been looking for this book for over a decade. Ed Eubanks has captured and written what every seminary student seeking a ministry call needs to discover. The biblical and theological foundation and perspective are strong. The sensitivity to the range of struggles and challenges a candidate for a ministry position goes through is very pastoral. The extremely practical and detailed information from start to finish is incredibly helpful. This is the precious gem that has been sought after by many for a long time."
Rev. Dr. Mark L. Dalbey, Vice-President of Academics & Faculty Development & Assistant Professor of Practical Theology, Covenant Theological Seminary

Even in the best circumstances, the transition from seminary study into vocational ministry is difficult. There are so many variables and unknown aspects: when should you start preparing for transition? What is the best way to go about it? Why do some students seem to weather the process more easily than others? Is there any help for me?

In From M.Div. to Rev., Ed Eubanks offers the kind of help that students need to make an effective transition. Based on extensive research and his own experiences, this book offers a blueprint to each step of the transition process: from getting ready to getting started; from developing opportunities to developing a fledgling ministry. It's the kind of nuts-and-bolts wisdom that every seminary student needs

  • Paperback
  • 218 pages
  • 2011
  • 9780982871508