Genesis 1-11: A Verse by Verse Commentary (Creation Points)

Andy McIntosh

Day One Publications

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The book of Genesis is fundamental, opening God s revelation to man. Many evangelical Christians have tried to downplay its significance by suggesting that the opening chapters of the book need not be taken in a plain, straightforward way. It is in the midst of such theological confusion that this commentary makes a case for reading the Scripture in general, and Genesis in particular, in a straightforward way, without the tortuous positioning of arguments trying to accommodate evolutionary sophistry. In our approach to Genesis we must come humbly before it and allow the Scriptures themselves to reveal their amazing truth, rather than seek to use sources outside Scripture to interpret the text. In this commentary Andy McIntosh considers the most attacked part, Genesis 1 11, which is the major historical timeline from the creation of the universe through Adam to Noah, and on through the worldwide Flood to Abraham.