The God of All Grace: Preacher & Teacher

J Douglas MacMillan

Christian Focus Publications

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J. Douglas MacMillan was born in Scotland in 1933. He grew up in Argyllshire and later worked as a shepherd on the family croft.

This inauspicious start in life foreshadowed the role he was to play in becoming the shepherd to a much wider flock as a preacher and teacher, as pastor and professor.

When Douglas Macmillan died he left fond memories in people's hearts and a legacy of changed lives. We trust that this collection of articles, lectures, sermons, and his testimony, will give you the flavour of what made Douglas such a special encourager, and clear thinker, to so many.

  • Pages: 354
  • Type: Hardcover
  • ISBN 9781857922400
  • Publication Date: October 2001