God the Preacher and Apologist

S. Lance Quinn

Free Grace Press

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Throughout the centuries of the Christian church, there have been many different approaches and applied methods in the field of apologetics. Yet only one approach, presuppositionalism, is truly compatible with expository preaching, each sphere relying principally on God the Preacher and Apologist. The twin concepts of biblical exposition in the pulpit, and presuppositionalism in the marketplace, must start and end with (and maintain throughout) a consistent and abiding reliance on the sufficiency and superiority of Holy Scripture. Apologetic approaches other than the presuppositionalist approach often start with arguments other than Scripture for their defense of the faith, thus blunting the impact God’s Word can powerfully and effectively have in the apologetic encounter. This is no less true for the expository preaching method too, given powerfully to those who profess Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord and collectively gather to hear God’s Word. To bring maximum impact to both believers and unbelievers alike, expository preaching and presuppositional apologetics should be closely tethered, as each method starts, and consistently provides throughout, the God-intended response for all mankind.


210 pages