God with Us: Knowing the Mystery of Who Jesus Is - 2nd Edition

Daniel Hyde

Reformation Heritage Books

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How well do you know Jesus? He is, after all, the person you most need to know. In God with Us, Daniel R. Hyde explores the historic, orthodox understanding of the person called Emmanuel—God with us. Hyde carefully considers Jesus’s claims about Himself in the Bible, capturing why the ancient creeds rightly describe Jesus as fully God and fully man, and yet united in one divine person. Furthermore, Hyde shows how this mystery brings comfort to our lives, defines our witness to the world, and establishes our worship before the throne of God’s heavenly grace. A clear and practical introduction to classical Christology.


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Table of Contents:

Preface to the Second Revised Edition

1. An Event like No Other

2. The God Who Is Also Man: Christ’s Two Natures

3. The Son of God: Christ’s Divine Nature

4. The Son of Man: Christ’s Human Nature

5. The God-Man: Christ’s Single Person

6. The Importance of This Mysterious Doctrine         

7. The Christ of the Qur’an vs. The Christ of the Bible

Appendix 1: The Ecumenical Creeds 

Appendix 2: The Seven Ecumenical Councils

Appendix 3: The Tome of Leo I


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  • 192 pages
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