God's Word, Our Story: Learning from the Book of Nehemiah

D. A. CarsonKathleen Nielson


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"You have kept your promise, for you are righteous." Nehemiah 9:8 The book of Nehemiah powerfully illustrates God's faithfulness as it chronicles Israel's return from exile. In this collection of biblical expositions, nine prominent Bible teachers lead readers on a gospel- centered survey of this Old Testament book, connecting the story of Nehemiah to God's overarching story of redemption. Chapters include: Kathy Keller - Taking Action in Light of God's Word (Nehemiah 1-2) Tim Keller - Laboring for a God Who Fights for Us (Nehemiah 3-4) Paige Brown - Fearing God in a Fallen World (Nehemiah 5-6) Nancy Guthrie - Coming Together around God's Word (Nehemiah 7-8) John Piper - Responding to God according to His Word (Nehemiah 9-10) Carrie Sandom, Jenny Salt, & Kathleen Nielson - Celebrating! A Moment of Joy in Jerusalem (Nehemiah 11-12) D. A. Carson - Leaning Forward in the Dark: A Failed Reformation (Nehemiah 13)