Good, Better, Best

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This book presents J.W. Alexander's apologetic for the only proper way for the Christian to make a lasting impact upon the world around, especially those trapped in poverty and ignorance. He does this by telling a story of Herbert and Edith Lee, a brother and sister in the early 20's who have come to saving faith in Christ and who desire to do good to those in great need. Herbert and Edith have come to live with their godly and wise uncle Dr. Lee, who is intent upon these sincere converts learning "by experience" the three ways of making a happy world. These may be classed under three heads: Good - Better - Best. The story is filled with wisdom as Herbert and Edith learn, often the hard way, that their uncle is right. You will follow them into the hovels of drunkards and gamblers and watch them as they seek to do good in the name of the Lord. Anyone who desires to follow the admonition of Hebrews 13:16 will want to read this book. Anyone who desires to practice true religion as defined by James in James 1:27 will desire to read this book. Anyone who desires to follow the counsel of the aposles in Galatians 2:10, or the words of our Lord as reported by Paul in Acts 20:35 will want to get and read this book. How do we reach out to the poor and homeless around us all? What is the very best way to do them good that will last beyond the moment? These questions and many more are all answered in GOOD - BETTER - BEST, a new-old title by the gifted and godly J.W. Alexander.