Gospel and the Modern World

D. A. Carson


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Biblical scholar D. A. Carson has contributed a tremendous amount to the field of evangelical thought, serving as cofounder of the Gospel Coalition, editor of the theological journal Themelios, and, beginning in 2022, as president of the Evangelical Theological Society. Reflecting on his esteemed career, Carson’s colleagues have gathered some of his best work in this warm, enriching collection.

The Gospel and the Modern World features 34 of Carson’s essays from Themelios on a wide range of topics, including his vision for the evangelical church, the authoritative word of God, Christ and culture, and Christian discipleship. It also includes articles from editor Brian J. Tabb, Andrew David Naselli, and Collin Hansen. Celebrating an illustrious, Christ-exalting career, this collection imparts years of experience and Christian scholarship to a new generation of readers.


352 pages

Oct 2023