Gospel for the People: Sixty Short Sermons for Personal, Family, and Corporate Worship

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"Spurgeon was anointed by the Holy Spirit with such an extraordinary anointing that he was always a fountain of life in opening up the Scripture. He loved the Puritans and dug gold galore out of their writings." - Erroll Hulse, Pastor and Author of numerous books "Something 'new' by Spurgeon. What else do you need to know? And Spurgeon on the gospel? That should seal the deal for anyone. Sometimes it is difficult to get people who are skeptical of the Reformed faith to read someone of whom they might be suspect due to ignorant associations. "By MacArthur? By Sproul? I've heard that they believe______." But no one is doubtful about Spurgeon. They will get the biblical gospel, and Spurgeon is a name people trust. Don't miss the opportunity to obtain this scarce volume." - Dr. Don Kistler, founder of Northampton Press