Gospel Mystery of Sanctification

Walter Marshall

Reformation Heritage Books

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'Mr. Marshall's treatise on the Mystery of Sanctification by faith in Jesus Christ is such a vindication and confirmation of that Protestant doctrine, that I fear no effectual opposition against it.' Robert Traill (16421716), 'Were I to be banished onto some desolate island possessed of only two books beside my Bible, this should be one of the two, perhaps the first that I would choose.' James Hervey (1714 1758) 'Marshall is an old acquaintance of mine: I have both read him and heard him read with pleasure and edification. The doctrines he maintains are, under the influence of the divine Spirit, the very life of my soul and the soul of all my happiness.' William Cowper (17311800) 'To those who make living religion their study, and are anxious to grow in grace, and in the knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, Mr. Marshall's treatise on sanctification, rightly used, will be of extensive benefit.' John M. Mason (17701826), pastor of the Associate Reformed Church, New York 'The most important book on sanctification ever written.' John Murray (18981975) 'Walter Marshall's Gospel Mystery of Sanctification is the classic Puritan work on the relationship between justification and sanctification. This book has helped deliver scores of people throughout church history from the bondage of legalism and antinomianism and enabled them to embrace the precious doctrine of justification by gracious faith alone with liberty, without sacrificing the need for grateful fruits of personal holiness.' Joel R. Beeke


246 pages