The Great Transformation: The Sanctification and Glorification of the Believer

Maurice Roberts

Banner of Truth

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The eight chapters of The Great Transformation bring before the reader the sanctification and glorification of the believer in Jesus. The author, a pastor of many years, explains, illustrates and applies these doctrines with fresh insights into the daily experiences and struggles of the Christian. He shows how they are a great encouragement to God’s beloved people especially when living in sad and difficult times in which sin and evil abound. While it is true that God’s children must go through many trials and discouragements in this world, it is also true their ‘light affliction is but for a moment.’ All true believers have left behind the state of sin and death; what they now look forward to is the blessed change — the great transformation — from grace to glory.

It is the author’s wish and prayer that readers of this book will be refreshed in their souls, encouraged in their faith, and reinvigorated in their service as they lift up their eyes to future comforts and joys in eternity.

  • Paperback
  • 144 pages
  • Oct 2019
  • 9781848719149