Healing Contentious Relationships: Overcoming the Power of Pride and Strife

Thomas Parr

Reformation Heritage Books

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Are you frustrated by how easily relationships can fall apart?

So often in the moment we ask ourselves, “How did we get here?” If you are looking for a solution that not only helps you reduce the emotional temperature but also would have reduced the flare-up in the first place then Thomas Parr has trusted, biblical answers.

Healing Contentious Relationships will help you get to grips with the way pride, covetousness, and unbelief cause us to mistreat others and how God grants grace in Christ to resolve such tension. Treat your war-weary soul to answers from the Spirit of peace.


Sample Chapter


Table of Contents: 

  1. The Cause and Pattern of Strife
  2. Confronted as Sinners
  3. God’s Grace—The Main Solution to Sin and Strife
  4. Coming to God in Humble Repentance
  5. Affliction and Humble Sorrow
  6. Another Expression of Pride—Subtly Judging God
  7. Another Expression of Pride—A Self-Sufficient Spirit
    • Paperback
    • 128 pages
    • Jan 2021
    • 9781601788313