Hope of Glory

Sam Storms


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The truth we gain from the Scriptures is wide-ranging, the treasure is multi-faceted, and the reward is incalculable. But in the book of Colossians it can be reduced to one glorious reality: Jesus Christ. This is the apostle Paul's point in Colossians 1:27, where he mentions the greatness of the 'riches' of the 'glory' of the mystery that God has made known to us: 'Christ in you, the hope of glory.' In The Hope of Glory author Sam Storms provides an aid to a careful reading of Colossians. Combining stylistic simplicity and theological substance, Storms writes for all Christians who are passionate to know Christ better. The 100 daily meditations can each be read in five to ten minutes so that even the busiest believer can take time to read and digest them. The result is a thorough analysis of the entire book of Colossians, broken down into manageable meditations that encourage, instruct, and uplift.