How To Speak at Special Events

David Cook

Christian Focus Publications

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Communication is such a vital part of today's world we are bombarded with thousands of media-transferred messages every day. But with thousands of messages comes confusion. Clarity when talking of ideas and concepts are rare. Public speaking, as exemplified by politicians, has become the science of sound bites for that 5-second media slot. Communication in today's society is not equipping us for public speaking. Christianity communicates ideas that need to be thought through, contemplated and reflected upon. Christians use words because God uses words. He is interested in verbal and written communication. He communicates ideas about himself primarily to us in his written word, the Bible. So if you are faced with an event or occasion when public speaking is needed you may find yourself in need of a helping hand. How to speak at special events can help because it is written by experts in their field. But before you can prepare an effective talk, you have to prepare yourself and your material. It's not just a case of throwing some jokes and Bible stories together and hoping. How to speak at special events will guide you step-by-step along the way.