If only I knew... How to become a real Christian

Gerard Chrispin

Day One Publications

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First, why think about becoming a Christian? Jesus Christ was born over 2,000 years ago and confusion still reigns about what a Christian is. The word Christian is used loosely today. It can mean almost anything. In this booklet that word reflects the Bible’s description and so refers to a real Christian. Please remember that when you read the word Christian! How can I become a Christian? The first question is: What is a Christian? You need to know this to check if you really are a Christian. The second question focuses on the word become.  What does become mean and involve? The third question is personal. Can I personally become a real Christian? Can I be included in all this? If so, the final question is obvious - How can this happen to me? Christians claim that where you spend eternity depends on whether or not you are a Christian. The sands of time run out very quickly. If Christians are right you need to address this matter urgently.

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  • Booklet
  • 31 pages
  • 2020
  • 9781846256561