IN REMEMBRANCE OF HIM Profiting From The Lord's Supper

Guilelmus SaldenusWilhemus Brakel


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The two seventeenth-century essays translated and offered in this book were originally designed to help people of the Dutch Further Reformation derive the greatest benefit from celebrating the Lord s Supper. Guilelmus Saldenus's The Efficacy of the Lord's Supper concentrates on the joy received in celebrating the sacrament and the sanctified living that it ought to generate. Wilhelmus a Brakel's Edifying Discourses instructs believers in preparing their hearts for the celebration, participating in the Supper responsibly, and following up the meal in a spiritually beneficial manner. These contributions are but two examples of a much larger genre of edifying Lord's Supper literature that developed in the Netherlands in the seventeenth century

  • Paperback
  • 137 pages
  • 2012
  • 9781601781734