In Sweet Obscurity

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Almost every one of us is a minor character. There are a handful of Christian leaders whose names will go down in the history books and whose writings will still be in print a hundred years from now, but you and I are probably not in their number. We will probably all be largely forgotten to history by the year 2116. But we won t be forgotten by God, no matter how small our part in his story! For God takes note when you fear him more than you fear your boss, your co-workers, or that unbelieving family member who seems to have it in for you because of your faith in Jesus. He has his pen in hand as he watches you serve in the children s Sunday school, visit the elderly, or pray for your church s missionaries. This is a book about people just like that minor characters of whom God took note (even recording their contributions on the pages of his book). Come along with him as we take note of them, too.