Incarnation in the Gospels

Daniel DorianiPhilip RykenRichard Phillips

P & R Publishing

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The incarnation of Christ is so spectacular, so fundamental to our faith, so full of implications for our lives that three gospel writers approach it in three notably different ways to capture its nuances. Matthew leads us to consider the connection between Jesus and the people of Israel, Luke presents four theologically rich songs that exult in the Lord’s work, and John sees the incarnation from the perspective of the Father in heaven as his plan of redemption comes to fruition.

In this short devotional work, theologians Daniel Doriani, Philip Ryken, and Richard Phillips present twelve readings that combine accessible Bible commentary with pastoral insight. Deepen your understanding of the incarnation with a multifaceted view that draws on the complete arc of biblical teaching.

This is a new paperback edition of The Incarnation in the Gospels (9781596381407), released in 2008.


192 pages

Nov. 2022