Isaiah: Here Is Your God

Tim Chester

The Good Book Company

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Isaiah can seem intimidating. It's a big book covering an extended timescale, full of unfamiliar names and places, and large sections can feel like alien territory.

But this book is full of good news. Isaiah enlarges our view of God, sharpens our understanding of salvation, and illuminates our Bible reading. It comforts our fears and sorrows, and fuels our vision for the church and its mission. All the time, it points forward to Jesus. This is good news worth shouting about!

This Bible-study guide by pastor and author Tim Chester takes you through the book of Isaiah in a digestible and accessible way. Each study focuses on a key text, helping you to understand the shape of the book and see how its main themes work together. Includes application questions, ideas for prayer, and a full leader's guide. It can be used alongside the more detailed expository guide Isaiah For You.

  • 1. Holy, Holy, Holy (Isaiah 6:1-13)
  • 2. The People Walking in Darkness (8:11 – 9:7)
  • 3. Whose Is the Glory? (14:1-32 and 19:19-25)
  • 4. God's Strange Work (28:1-29)
  • 5. Defending God's Honor (37:1 – 38:20)
  • 6. Comfort My People (40:1-31)
  • 7. The Suffering Servant (52:13 – 53:12)
  • 8. Light to the World (60:1-22)

  •  Paperback
  • 8 studies
  • 96 pages
  • November 2021
  • 9781784985608