It's Apparent...You're a Parent!: Raising Godly Children in Today's World

John Lehman

Great Writing Publications

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I'm a parent Wow! How should I best navigate through the wonderful, new challenges and opportunities that are coming my way? What wisdom may be gleaned from the Bible, God's living Word? Will God really enable the process to turn out well? In six helpful, easy-to-read chapters, John Lehman, a family pastor and himself a parent and grandparent of several children, writes with passion and clarity on the great issues of bringing up children. Here you may read about topics such as ◦Getting ready to become a mom or dad ◦Preparing an overarching goal for your child ◦Demonstrating what it means to live in submission to the one, true God ◦Facing the consequences God has directed when there is disobedience ◦Cultivating a godly parental model that emphasizes practical godliness ◦Navigating wisely through the ages and stages that lead to adulthood Rich in biblical content, this book will help steer you carefully through the many situations that come the way of all parents.