Jesus Christ Or Mohammed

F S Coplestone

Christian Focus Publications

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Unique analysis of Islam and Christianity making it an invaluable source of study for the serious Bible student. This book is designed to be read and used by the ordinary 'lay' Christian but such is the lack of knowledge about the interaction between Christianity and Islam it would be of profit to Pastors, Evangelists, Theological students and church workers as well. Islam has a growing grip on many parts of the world. If we are honest then we have to say that we are a little frightened of it. Reading this book will help you see just how far away from the God of the Bible Allah truly is. The subjects covered include: What is the test of True Religion? Divine Sovereignty in the Koran; The Doctrine of Salvation in the Koran; The Koran's conflict with Scripture; Mohammed's claim to be Christ's successor 'the comforter'; The God of the Koran; Christ is the prophet spoken about by - Moses; Messianic Prophecy; The Claims of Christ; The meaning of 'Trinity'; Is Christianity the invention of Paul?; The Resurrection of Christ.