Jesus Loves the Church and So Should You: Studies in Biblical Churchmanship

Earl Blackburn

Solid Ground Christian Books

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TABLE OF CONTENTS Introduction 1. Jesus Loved and Still Loves the Church 2. The New Testament is a Church Book 3. What is the Church? Church Universal and Church Visible 4. The Centrality of the Church in Redemptive History 5. What are the Marks of a True Church? 6. What is the Purpose of the Church? 7. Is Membership in a Church Biblical? 8. Is Membership in a Church Essential? 9. Why Should You Join a Church? 10. Which Church Should You Join? 11. What are the 'Means of Grace' in the Church? 12. What are the Privileges and Blessings of Church Membership? 13. What are the Responsibilities of Church Membership? 14. Is Church Attendance Really Important? 15. What are the Requirements of Church Membership? 16. How is a Christian Admitted into Membership and How is Membership Terminated? 17. When is it Right to Leave a Church and How Should it be Done? 18. Thoughts Upon the Church of Those Who've Gone Before This book has been written to be read by the layperson who has many practical questions about the modern-day Church. This would be a great book for churches to have on their literature rack to give to visitors and to use with New Members Classes as well.
  • 9781599252490
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  • 146 pages
  • 2010