A Journey in Christian Heritage

Richbarry Press

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What is a young Christian girl to do, when she marries a man who gives every evidence of being a Christian, and yet several years into the marriage, he turns his back on Christ and the church and tells his wife he will never go back? Is there any possibility that she could ever have a Christian heritage? That was the dilemma of Virgie Undine (Paul) Belcher after she had been married several years to George Delbert Belcher, a fine, hard- working man in many ways, according to the world's standards---a man who rose to the top of his business profession. But as a little girl she had learned the power of faith and prayer, and she was determined to see her husband and her children brought to the Lord. Yea, her heritage would be a Christian heritage for God's glory! This is the story of Virgie Belcher and her humble but indomitable quest to see her family come to know and serve the Lord, as told by her second son, Richard P. Belcher, the writer of the journey theological novels. He also shares with the reader the lessons and reality of faith and prayer that he learned from his mother, and the results in his own life.